Casa della Mandorla: the home of wellbeing

What began as a family passion has grown into a modern and continually evolving enterprise that makes use of innovative production methods and strives to develop new flavours.

Frutta secca
Nuts that inspire passion!

Today, Casa della Mandorla has established a unique identity on the market, offering advanced products that meet the specific needs of the ice cream sector with decorative chopped nut toppings, pastes and crunchy pieces and the retail and HoReCa sector with sugar-coated, roasted or salted nuts and various mixes for cooking that are in keeping with the eating habits of a new generation.

Casa della Mandorla was founded in the 1980s with the objective of producing sugar-coated and salted almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts for fruit and vegetable markets and artisanal producers. The company began with the feel of a family business and basic equipment, which, nevertheless, was sufficient for satisfactorily processing products. By investing in research and development and offering packaged products, the company established a unique, recognizable identity. In the 1990s, the company became aware of changing tastes and decided to capitalize on its growing success by exploring the ice cream sector – sugar and nuts, combined using artisan baking methods, proved to be ideal complements for the production of ice cream, cakes and semifreddos (semi-frozen desserts). In subsequent years, new market demands led the company to develop additional production and packaging lines to satisfy a range of customer needs. And the company continues to evolve!

Our pillars


The wellbeing of consumers, the wellbeing of companies in the supply chain, and the wellbeing of our staff. We have said that all-round wellbeing is one of the pillars of Casa della Mandorla, the force driving each move made by our company, lending stability to intentions and objectives pursued with determination.


Casa della Mandorla is a home that respects basic underlying values and one of these is in fact transparency. Not only towards our end consumers, who recognise and appreciate a quality product, but also in our production processes and in our relationships with wholesale clients and suppliers. Reliability, seriousness and reciprocal trust come together as the parts of a whole for sustainable growth of all concerned. The transparency of Casa della Mandorla products can even be read on our packaging! 


Casa della Mandorla is all about vitality! Nuts are good, tasty and healthy: an ideal mix and one of life’s pleasures.
They are a truly healthy everyday snack, not only for those who do sport or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, but also for anyone who wants to stay fit while treating their tastebuds. In the right amount and when properly combined with other foods, nuts are a great ally for our health and they play a primary role in our diet, thanks to their many beneficial properties and the energy boost they give our organism.


The artisan core of Casa della Mandorla is still a key factor for some specific processes and it merges seamlessly with research and experimentation of new production techniques, with the use of cutting-edge instrumentation and the study of consumer needs. The result? Excellent finished products, respect for the natural nutrition properties of our raw materials, and maximum hygiene and quality standards throughout all production processes.


Our certifications

Recognition of good work

Quality comes first at Casa della Mandorla. For this reason, the company has always exclusively offered its customers products of the finest quality, following IFS, BRC and ISO 22000 European quality standards.

The company quality system includes constant monitoring of the production system and continuous microbiological analysis of raw materials and finished products. Casa della Mandorla has also introduced organic certification.


Our catalogues

Below you can download price lists for our products for ice cream, MMR, retail and Ho.Re.Ca. products. 

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